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Pipe Leak Repair in Kansas City

Leaking pipes are no laughing matter. When your pipes are leaking, they’re wasting water and costing you money. Pipe leaks can also cause water damage to your home, and leaks will almost always worsen over time and become a more expensive problem for your plumbing service to repair.

Here are a few common causes of leaky pipes:

  • Clogged lines – When your pipes become clogged, they can eventually overflow or burst. Keeping your pipes clear of materials that might clog them and addressing clogs when they occur will help keep your pipes from developing leaks or worse problems.
  • Damaged joints – The areas where your pipes connect are often the weakest points in your plumbing system. Pipe joints deteriorate over time and will eventually form leaks. If you hear banging noises when you turn on the hot water, there’s a good chance you have a damaged pipe joint.
  • Tree root infiltration – Tree roots can, over time, puncture your pipes and cause damage. If you see wet spots or sinkholes in your yard, there’s a good chance a tree root has punctured a pipe. Avoiding planting trees near lines can help you dodge this problem.
  • Temperature changes – Shifts in extremes of hot and cold can cause your pipes to expand and contract, eventually causing structural damage. Be sure to protect your pipes from cold weather by wrapping exposed pipes up and installing insulation in the crawl space of your home.

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