How to Silence a Gurgling Toilet | A-1 Sewer & Septic Service
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A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc.Are you a homeowner who is bewildered by a toilet that seems to gurgle violently before all of its water drains out of the bowl? If this seems to happen whenever the washing machine discharges the wash water, or when the tub is drained, then we’ll bet that the problem is caused by a blockage in your plumbing vents.

The small pipes that protrude from your roof are actually used to get rid of smell from your sewage. They also have another purpose: they are supposed to balance the air pressure in drain pipes to help sewage water flow easier.

We can observe these principles at work when we put one end of the straw in a glass of water, and then cover the other end with our finger. As long as your finger remains on the end of the straw, the water won’t drain even if you remove the straw from the water. Once you take your finger off the straw, the water will immediately drain out.

So, like your finger, something can be blocking the roof vent, whether it’s ice, snow, debris, or even a dead animal. When there is a blockage, whenever a large amount of water is going down the drain, the water is sucked out of the toilet or from under the sinks.

The blocking debris can make a tub drain really slowly as well. One of our Kansas City plumbers can remove the whatever is blocking your drain by using a drain snake and running it through the entire vent system.

To prevent this issue from occurring again, we can help you figure out the cause and take preventative measures.

If the culprit is ice, we may want to replace the top section of the ice with a larger one. Or, it may be wise to insulate the pipe beneath your roof, or heat the pipe using electrical cables, which isn’t usually necessary unless you live in an extremely cold climate.

If accumulation of snow is the reason for the blockage, it may help to add a pipe extension to the pipe can be away from the snow pack – a simple solution. On the other hand, if furry critters are to blame, covering the end of the pipe with a hardware cloth held with a hose clamp should do the trick.

Call Our Experienced Kansas City plumbers!

Searching for an experienced plumber to get down to the root of the problem? Call A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. to schedule a service call. We can find out what’s causing the problem and resolve the issue quickly so your toilets and drains can get back to working perfectly again!

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