What to Do When the Dishwasher Floods

It has happened to even the best of us; you’ve filled the dishwasher with the dirty plates from dinner, started the machine and gone into another room to watch television. After a few minutes, you get up to grab a drink of water from the kitchen, only to find the floor covered in water and soap from the dishwasher.

It could be easy to panic. On top of cleaning up the mess, you want to make sure that there is nothing broken in the dishwasher so that you don’t have to clean up another mess in a few days. The good news is that A-1 Sewer and Septic Service is here to provide the helpful tips you need!

Steps to Take When Your Dishwasher Floods

When you find your dishwasher flooding, first follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher or turn off the circuit breaker. Water and electricity is a dangerous combination and before doing anything, make sure that you are safe!
  2. Remove all dishes and racks from the washing machine.
  3. Find the drain gate at the bottom of the washing machine and clear any debris that may be found inside the drain.
  4. Wait to see if the water is draining.

If the water drains at this point, great! The problem is likely solved. If water is still not draining from the dishwasher, it may mean that there is a problem with the hose that connects from the back of the dishwasher to the kitchen sink.

Begin by using a bucket to scoop water out of the dishwasher so it can be pulled from the wall. When you can move it away, remove the hose from the dishwasher and run water from the kitchen sink into the hose. If the water stays blocked, the hose can be manually cleared of debris or replaced with a new hose from a home improvement store.

If the water flows through easily, reassemble the washing machine and try running it again. If it floods again, it is time to call A-1 Sewer and Septic Service to take a closer look at what may be causing the issue. Making sure that an experienced plumber examines the machine can prevent expensive repairs down the road. Give A-1 a call today!

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