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Septic tank odors in Kansas City should never be ignored. The problem isn’t just the stench, but also a health issue. There are loads of bacteria and viruses in home wastewater, plus nitrogen and phosphorous that can seriously harm the environment, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. If septic tank smells in yard areas are noticed, contact a 24-hour plumber to find issues such as a clogged drain or anything worse.

The following are the main septic system odor triggers:

  • Clogs: If it is dry, you’ll need drain cleaning, so an emergency plumber can stop gases from getting inside the home. Contact your local residential or commercial plumbing service for immediate septic system service.
  • Full tanks: A tank can get too full or overflow if the pump stops working. Emergency plumbing services can fix septic tank smells, restoring the normal flow of wastewater so there’s room for new inflow. Local plumbers can get on site quickly to get things back to normal.
  • Blocked vents: A covered or failed vent can cause sewage gas to build up, which can create toxic and flammable environments indoors. A septic tank odor neutralizer won’t eliminate the risk.

These all indicate a problem, but these issues can be prevented with plumbing repair. Plumbing services such as inspections, tank draining, part replacements, leak detection, and removing sludge can stop septic odor inside house areas and prevent new septic system smells from occurring.

For a thorough septic system inspection in Kansas City, call us at 913-631-5201.

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