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Our experienced plumbers are aware of how important the plumbing is in your home, and that’s why we make it a priority to quickly service your home’s plumbing issue and address whatever plumbing needs you have in your Kansas City area home or business. Perhaps you have a leaky faucet or a clogged sink, or maybe your plumbing problem is on an even bigger scale – a burst pipe, for example.

Oftentimes a drain cleaning by a plumbing repair expert is all that’s needed during the repair service to get your faucet working again, or doing a garbage disposal replacement in the kitchen or a new bathroom faucet. Having these services performed by a licensed plumber versus a handyman service can sometimes mean the difference between flawless performance or having to continually call your home warranty company to get another repair approved. We aim to have the problem diagnosed and fixed right the first time, every time, regardless of the plumbing system or plumbing issue.

There are also times where your faucet is having a backup because of a more serious issue down the line, requiring a sewer line cleanout, also referred to commonly as auguring, jetting, hydro jetting, and other terms that all ultimately have the same goal; to remove the build-up and blockages in your main sewer line. We can often offer these services the same day, or next day, and can offer pricing over the phone if you have certain pieces of information handy, such as length, accessibility of the cleanout, and more.

No matter what the size of the plumbing service, and whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you are going to want to call a licensed and experienced Kansas City plumber. A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. has been successfully handling a wide range of plumbing problems for homeowners and local businesses since 1968, both their commercial plumbing and residential plumbing across Kansas City, MO, Johnson County, and surrounding areas.


Sometimes faucets break, and water can suddenly start spewing forcefully all over the room, almost like a main water line is releasing all of its water pressure over your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home or business. One thing you should try to do is shut off the water as soon as possible. The shut-off valves are located under the sink, one for hot and one for cold. Turn the valve handles until the water stops and call us to handle this plumbing need.

If you are unable to turn the water off at the shut-off under the sink, turn the water off to your home at the main water shutoff valve, cutting the water pressure to your home and ceasing the water line from leaking. Once the water is stopped, contact our team to schedule for plumbing repair services. If you have a clogged sink, we will investigate the source of the clogged drain, unclog the sink and inspect the water lines and drains for other problems or damage, and what pricing would be for our plumbing company to make the repairs needed to get you back to normal.

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“I have used A-1 on several occasions and the service has always been speedy and of high quality. I always appreciate the coupons you have online”

Terry Baldridge

“Tim was very knowledgeable! I would definitely have him back out. Thanks!”

Carista Misler

“Chuck arrived within 30 minutes on a Sunday and was extremely professional and curtious. I’ve been using A-1 annually for 10 years now to clean roots out of my main and the price is always fair and the staff always top notch. Just wanted to say thanks again to Chuck.”

Kris S.

“Hired them to clean out tree roots from main line. Were on time and did a great job. Have used them before and never been disappointed.”

LeVera Howard

“A-1 was excellent! I recommend them to all. Chuck was so great to work with and gave us really great advice to keep our pipes clean. Thank you!”

Shereen McClellan North

“A-1 is the best for sewer & septic issues! They’re responsive, quick and so helpful! We had a main line issue and that night our kitchen sink backed up. They had the same service tech out the next morning. Very professional and reliable. We’ve never had anything but amazing service from A-1!”

Jenny Miskell McLellan