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There’s a saying in the plumbing business that crap flows downhill and payday is on Friday. 


Except “crap flows downhill” is not valid anymore with the septic sewer system inventions of effluent pumps, specifically of sewage pumps and grinder pumps. It’s possible for homeowners and business owners alike to build structures in locations that were not possible to build on because of the lack of the ability to connect the sewer line to a gravity sewer system


Sewage grinder pumps are a cost-effective way to allow you to pump sewage (both solids and wastewater) uphill until the sewage reaches a conventional gravity system, leading to a septic tank or other septic services . These sewage grinder pump systems can handle the wastewater of the whole home or business. The pumps may have been installed for the home, or for a basement bathroom or laundry, and added later, after the home or business was built.

What is the Difference Between a Sewage Pump and a Grinder Pump

The difference between sewage pumps and grinder pumps is sewage pumps will eject soft waste such as toilet paper, feces, and water. Grinder pumps have blades around the impellers that will chop up the solid and wastewater material, so if something else goes down the drain, it will not damage the pump or cause clogging. Items such as latex, wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and more, can hopefully be handled by the pump station, assuming the plumbing company that installed the system was able to correctly spec out the grinder pump for the sewer system needs, based on the demand that will be placed on the system when in full service. These are also sometimes referred to as low pressure or high pressure sewer systems depending on the application and style of plumbing service.

Having This is especially important in Commercial businesses where the risk of foreign objects being flushed down the line is more significant. Do not mistake sewage ejector pumps for grinder pumps or sump pumps, or underestimate the complexity of today’s modern grinder pumps. These pumps run frequently and need to have properly sized pits or basins, properly sized horsepower and a pump curve that needs to be calculated based on the size of pipe and the distance the slurry needs to be moved is all key to keep the pump from short cycling and burning the pump up. 

Full Service Grinder Pump Replacement


We find that some homeowners can feel trapped when they have a problem with their grinder pump, because they believe that there are no alternatives available if their grinder pump fails. Locally in Kansas City, homeowners may have an Environment One Grinder Pump (aka E/One®*, E-one pump, E-1 Pumps, E1 Pump), of which Haynes Equipment is the distributor and commonly provided those pumps. 


We have an ALTERNATIVE TO ENVIRONMENT ONE GRINDER PUMPS, and can replace lift stations with new equipment. 


If you have Liberty, Zoeller, Gould, Pentair or other sewage grinder pumps we can offer you service and replacement sewage systems. We also service float systems, as well as Simplex control panels or Duplex control panels.

Professional Grinder Pump Service

A-1 Sewer & Septic Service can offer grinder pump service and replacement for much of the greater Kansas City metro area, from Shawnee to Olathe, Bonner Springs to North Kansas City, Independence and through the Kansas City Missouri and Kansas areas. Our plumbers and drain technicians have years of experience, and can offer drainage help with almost any drain, from your mainline, kitchen sinks and french drains to your air conditioning/HVAC drains or garbage disposals. We have experience with submersible pumps, grinder pumps, sewage pumps and sump pumps – and put that experience to work for you today.

*E/One® is a registered trademark of Environment One Corporation and is not affiliated with A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc.

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