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Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Learn About Common Issues And How We Can Help

Video Pipe Inspections

A-1 can provide video location services to help determine the condition of a line before purchasing a new property. These services can help save you time, money, and stress. Camera services can be scheduled by calling or scheduling online. We can perform video camera inspection services for many sizes of line, and have performed inspections with these high-resolution cameras for homeowners and businesses, even municipalities when called on.

Large Pipe Inspections

Large, complex industrial and commercial plumbing issues can hold up a manufacturing company, unit or industrial facility’s production. If you are faced with any sort of industrial or commercial plumbing issue, we can help you get things under control in a professional manner and at a reasonable price.

Complete Plumbing Services

Do you have a leaky faucet, broken pipe, or any other plumbing problem that requires a plumbing company to address? Give us a call for a no-obligation quote to resolve your plumbing issue. From small leaks, backflow tests and prevention to major re-piping projects, we will provide an experienced plumber to get the job done correctly and quickly.

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Drain Cleaning

Is your main line, bathroom sink, toilet, or other experiencing a clogged drain? We can unclog nearly any type of drain in both commercial and residential areas, getting you back in control and ensuring your pipes are functioning the way they should.

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Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting utilizes high-pressure water spray within the pipe to effectively remove sludge, grease build-up, and debris in your pipes. These are specialized pieces of drain cleaning equipment that can be large investments for plumbing companies.

Sewer Repairs

If you are experiencing reoccurring drainage problems, consider having a video pipe inspection performed to determine the cause and location of the problem area(s). Let us help you determine the best choice for your property!

Pipelining Services

If your home or business is suffering from cracked, decayed, rusted, or busted pipes, call A-1 Sewer & Septic Service today! If you’re a homeowner in the Kansas City area and have any of those issues, schedule a pipe or sewer line inspection so our licensed plumber can inspect your pipes to find out if they can be serviced with our state-of-the-art trenchless pipelining services.

Pumping Services

Does your grease trap, septic tank, holding tank, car wash pit, basement, or crawl space need pumped? We handle a wide variety of pumping jobs at affordable prices.

Stormwater Management

When a city or municipality is in need of prompt, thorough plumbing services, A-1 is the company to call! We provide drain cleaning, plumbing, video work and pumping on any scale. No job is too big or small!