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Large Diameter Pipe Inspection

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A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc. is equipped to handle large diameter pipelines, due in part to our experience and in part because we have a pipeline crawler robot that has the capability to inspect pipes with a diameter of 6” and larger and up to 800 feet in length, and to view video in real-time. A-1 has utilized this inspection camera to help various municipalities with condition assessment, prevent sinkholes, identify corrosion and deteriorating pipes, to verify the feasibility of sanitary lines and storm sewers for new subdivisions, and much more. Our operators are nationally PACP certified (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) and are highly trained in operating this inspection equipment, in order to recognize warning signs during large diameter pipeline inspections and identify corrosion, problem areas, and pipe conditions with a high-resolution inspection camera.

Our capabilities in the large diameter pipe inspection business allows us to get video inspection for many different diameters of pipe size, and to inspect the pipe wall, sediment levels, and data collection of what type of heavy loads the pipe size and pipe condition will allow; and all this with a high-resolution video camera that we can give you a USB flash drive with a copy of the video and what we found during the inspection services.

When Is a Video Inspection Needed?

If the goal is to simply clear the main sewer line or other main drain line, then once we have totally cleared the line you’re good to go. However, there are times that you need a pipe inspection done in order to see the pipe condition, sediment levels, corrosion, and other data that is collected during a large diameter sewer pipe inspection. Large diameter pipes have their own unique challenges, such as access points often are manholes versus a typical cleanout.

Being able to have a real-time visual inspection of the pipe’s condition, to see the wastewater and sediments levels, any blockages, corrosion, or other pipe issues is invaluable to planning the repair project, saving potential time and money.

The Right Tools for the Job

Different pipe size, type, and conditions require different tools to get the job done right, and that comes in part in being able to accurately identify the issue using our pipeline crawler robot. Similar to CCTV inspections, our pipeline crawler uses a high-resolution video camera to perform these video inspections, in real-time, allowing us to provide accurate and timely results from your inspection.

A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc. is uniquely fit as a full-service plumbing company with the necessary tools and inspection equipment to handle any job. If your sewer lines need to be cleaned due to debris and blockages before being inspected, we can send our hydro-jetter to assist in cleaning before performing the pipeline inspection services. In addition, our vacuum tank trucks can be onsite to remove mud, sand, and other material. Save time by calling A-1 Sewer & Septic Service rather than coordinating several companies to help you tackle the job.