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Finding the right company can be a journey, from the job alerts, different levels of pay in plumber jobs, if there’s a sign-on bonus where else are they taking away from, endless interviews and fewer callbacks. A-1 approaches employment and hiring for full-time or part-time positions the same way we approach serving our customer; with professionalism, speed, efficiency and providing the experience of being part of a premier plumbing company in the greater Kansas City metro area.

About A-1 Sewer & Septic

We have been serving the plumbing needs for homeowners and business owners in the Kansas City area since 1968, and have earned a BBB A+ rating, and most importantly 1,000’s of satisfied repeat customers. We do this by employing experienced plumbers, training up those service technicians and service plumbers to get to where they want to be, and by providing fast and quality customer service.

Part of the job description for everyone at A-1 is to be as skilled and efficient at our individual jobs as humanly possible and always provide a level of work, service, follow-up, that others in the industry can’t compete in the quality of the experience they have with our company.

We look for many things when hiring for plumber jobs, but having years of experience in residential plumbing or having commercial experience is an asset that we look for in a plumbing & drain service candidate, as well as air conditioning and HVAC experience, or other relevant industries and plumbing experience. Commercial journeyman plumbers experience, or time in new construction fields and of course, licensed plumbers.