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With heavy rains occurring often, homeowners may rely on a sump pump and french drain combination, along with waterproofing their basement to help control excess water and moisture from getting into the home – however, if the drainage line is clogged because tree roots and debris have built up and broken the line, none of these things will help!

We have had customers throughout Kansas City ask for pricing on what it would be to rooter their line or get a quote on drain cleaning service for their clogged main sewer line. When we get there to clear the clogged drain pipe, we find that their drainage system has a break in the pipe from tree roots ravaging the drain line. Now they’re faced with the potential for replacing a drain system and main sewer line, which may involve relocating air conditioning, damage to retaining walls, landscaping, and even requiring foundation repair after the plumbing repairs are completed to replace the main sewer line.

However, there are other methods to fix your water drainage issues and provide drainage solutions that repair your plumbing system without tearing up your yard and landscaping.

Replacing your underground sewer line may be costly, messy, and daunting. With pipe bursting, on average, 90% less damage is done to your property and landscaping and may be completed in a fraction of the time than traditional sewer line replacement methods.

What is Pipe Bursting?

The term “pipe bursting” is a less labor-intensive method that allows a homeowner to run a new sewer line without large machinery or digging. It involves bursting the clay pipe as a new pipe is placed.

The pipe bursting process is fairly well named, as it involves literally bursting the clay pipe as a new pipe is being put in place.

General pipe bursting steps:

    • The first step is to get the machine in place to feed the guide a pneumatic pump fitting at the end of a rod puller through the old pipe.
    • Then a pneumatic head, often shaped like an arrowhead, is attached to the rod puller.
    • As the rod puller then pulls the head back through the old pipe, the head expands and bursts the old pipe, pushing those pieces outward.
    • While that is happening, on the other side of the head, it pulls the brand new pipe behind it, immediately filling in the space left by the old burst pipe.

What Are The Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Less damage

Traditional trenchless methods involve digging to gain access to the affected areas. The pipe bursting strategy requires an access hole dug to get the pipe through the lateral, resulting in less digging, clean-up, and damage to your property.


Pipe bursting may help reduce future costs. Traditional trenchless methods typically require heavy machinery, digging, and multiple technicians to get the job done, leaving your yard looking less than ideal. The process may add up quickly between landscapers, new soil, grass, and other home repairs.


A common concern when investing in a new sewer line is durability. No homeowner wants to go through the inconvenience of replacing a sewer line again. Thanks to pipe bursting, the life expectancy is beyond 50 years.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

The pipe bursting process involves bursting the clay pipe as a new pipe is being put in place simultaneously.


    1. A licensed plumber will insert a video camera into your sewer line to locate the source of the problem, the size, and the location of the existing line.
    2. Dig small entry and exit points.
    3. Put the machine in place to feed the guide a pneumatic pump fitting at the end of a rod puller through the old pipe.
    4. A pneumatic head, often shaped like an arrowhead, is attached to the rod puller.
    5. The rod puller pulls the lead back through the old line, expands, and bursts the old pipe while pushing those pieces outward, installing the new line simultaneously. 

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