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Common Plumbing Issues

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No Job is too big or too small

At A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-quality, fast, and efficient plumbing services to our customers all across the KC metro. When you work with a plumber from A-1 Sewer you know you have an expert who can tackle most common plumbing problems in the first visit to having the expertise to handle bigger problems that some other local plumbers are not able to do for Kansas City homeowners.

The most common causes of plumbing issues are things such as a clog from build-up in your drains, a leaky faucet, a running toilet from a failing flapper, or hot water heater repair and replacements. We also see low water pressure situations, garbage disposals, leaking kitchen sinks, and many other common plumbing system issues that cannot be handled with a simple plunger and elbow grease!

Dripping faucets, poor water flow, or leaking pipes due to corrosion can all lead to higher water bills and offsets the high energy efficiency products you use in your home to not only conserve natural resources but have lower utility bills every month.

Having the know-how to address these common plumbing issues helps to avoid bigger problems down the road by being able to fix it right and get the job done the first time. When drains are clogging and your sewer line is backing up with sewage in your basement drain or in your bathtub and shower it can be unsettling and cause for slight panic. You have a professional plumber you can call day or night and request emergency service for your home or business.

We have been serving the residents of Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; and Johnson County since 1968, and we put our experience to work to resolve plumbing problems, whether big or small.

How Our Business Can Help You

We can solve any of the following plumbing issues:
● Dripping Faucets
● Low Water Pressure
● Water Flow
● Clogged Toilet
● Leaky Sinks
● Leaking Pipes
● Drain Cleaning and Drain Clogs
● Removing Blockages in Sewer Lines
● Water Heater Repair and Water Heater Replacement for Gas and Electric Water Heaters
● Garbage Disposal Service and Garbage Disposal Replacement
● Replacement of Shower Heads, Faucets, Sinks and other Plumbing Fixtures
● Slow Drain of Bathroom Sink, Kitchen Sink or other Floor Drains and Basement Drains
● Water Supply Filtration
● Tree Root Removal from Main Lines and Sewer Lines
● Septic Tank Pumping
● Septic System Service
● Video Camera Inspection Service
● Washer, Air Conditioner, and HVAC Drain Issues
● Toilet Replacement and Repair, such as a new Flapper or Toilet Bowl Seal
● Complex Residential Plumbing Repair
● Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Problems
● Complete Plumbing System Replacement
● And More


There are certain questions we are asked on a daily basis. We have given you simple, general answers to a range of some of the most common plumbing problems to help you on how to avoid slow draining sinks, clearing basic sink drain clogs, when to consider a DIY solution or when to call a licensed plumber, and more. Get answers from our professional team of technicians.

Ask a Plumber

It can be stressful if you’re having a blockage and clogged drain that a simple plunger cannot fix, or if there’s gallons of water flowing anywhere other than the down the drain, which is why our Kansas City plumbing company is here to help and relieve that stress!

If you have additional questions regarding a specific issue, when we can schedule service, or about pricing then reach out and speak with one of our plumbers via our message system. We are ready to serve you and all the homeowners and business owners in the greater Kansas City Metro area.

Your Home’s Plumbing System

Is your plumbing system having problems? Whether a leaky pipe, drain problem, hot water heater, or other issues, we do it all. We can re-pipe your entire home, fix a clogged drain, repair a leaky pipe, and any other job, large or small.


There are various tips and tricks that you could try to unclog drains and to help prevent additional clogs and leaks. We have offered some simple tips to help you maintain your plumbing system, and can be called upon to repair any issue if you are unable to handle it on your own.