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In spite of everyone’s best efforts, a garbage disposal is likely to end up with its grinders coated in slush and weighed down with debris. Substances such as glass and rubber can accidentally slip in, and prohibited items such as corncobs, artichokes, and large bones can clog up the disposal. This can spawn an outbreak of smelly bacteria, which will further keep your disposal and drain from working properly.

Remove Debris

In order to solve this matter, you may have to start by removing any items that are blocking your disposal. Before you begin, you will have to turn off the appropriate fuse—safety first. You want to ensure that your disposal has no power. Then you can take a set of tongs or pliers to pluck out the debris. Only put your hands inside if you absolutely have to, and if and only if you know that the power is turned off.

Use Ice and Salt

Do not use a drain cleaner on the disposal, as the chemicals in it can eat away at the rubber or plastic parts of the disposal. What you do want to pour in is about two cups of ice, followed by a cup of rock salt. If you don’t have rock salt, then you can use vinegar instead. Next turn on the cold water over the disposal for just 5 or 10 seconds. This can help clean off the grinders at your disposal, ridding them of the sludge.

Rinse It Out

After removing the buildup, your drain is going to need some help. You can plug up the drain, and then fill it up with 2 to 4 inches of water. Then you can unplug the drain as you turn on the disposal, and this should clear out the drain. These steps should really be a regular part of maintaining your drain, especially when you have to dispose of fibrous food.

Get Rid of the Odor

Once your disposal has been cleared, it will probably still reek. You can take a fistful of citrus peels and send them down the disposal, turning on both the cold water and the disposal. This should disperse the citric acid, giving your kitchen a fresh, clean smell. You may want to take this step every few months to regularly freshen up the sink. In fact, before you go on several day trips, you will want to clean the garbage disposal. Bacteria are sure to appear if you let damp debris sit in the disposal.

If you have further problems with your garbage disposal or drain, consider getting the expert help of a Kansas City plumber. At A-1 Sewer & Septic, Inc., you can find the skilled and friendly assistance you need, when you need it. We provide the service you deserve at night and on weekends, and it will cost you nothing extra. Contact our office today to get a no-obligation quote, and to find out how our experienced plumbing technicians can help you.

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