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Grease Trap Service in Kansas City

A clogged grease trap is evidence of a line blockage. Even after a commercial grease trap disposal service has conducted a thorough cleaning, there still may be problems. Oils, fats, and grease accumulate quickly, especially in high-volume kitchens. The only way to avoid eventual grease traps repair is to do regular maintenance.

If the lines are clogged, they will start to back up. The material can come back through the drain and overflow. In colder climates, grease is more solid, so lines may clog more quickly.

Signs a clog is forming include:

Slow drainage: As a grease cap forms, water will drain more slowly; if the trap has reached its capacity, it won’t return to normal unless thoroughly cleaned.

Odors: Grease, fatty oils, sludge, and solid food waste that sits around doesn’t smell too good; a foul odor often means grease traps need cleaning, auguring or repair.


You can prevent clogged lines by:

  • Controlling how much grease, fat, or oil goes down the drain.
  • Keeping solid food and other objects out.
  • Acting on early signs of trouble quickly.
  • Regularly having the grease trap cleaned by a commercial company.

Last, call a professional for cleaning or grease traps repair in . A-1 Sewer & Septic Service is available for same-day visits and emergencies—call us at 913-631-5201 24/7.


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