Help, I Have a Flooded Basement!

Dealing with a flooded basement due to a sewer backup from the basement’s floor drain is one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares, but if that dreaded day comes it’s important to know what to do.

Since dealing with a flooded area can be a dangerous undertaking, you must take extra safety precautions. When in doubt, call a Kansas City plumber from A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc.

Important Safety Tips

If you wind up with a flooded basement, it’s important to follow these important safety tips:

  • Since electrocution is a number one danger with a flooded basement, wait for the water to recede before you start cleaning up. If you decide to walk in the water, make sure that you shut off the electricity from the main box first.
  • Since the water could be contaminated with raw sewage, wear rubber gloves and boots to minimize skin contact.
  • When you’re in a flooded area, don’t eat, smoke or touch your face. If you cut yourself or otherwise get an open wound while in a flooded area, seek medical attention right away.
  • Do not allow any children or pets near a flooded area.
  • While city tap water usually remains safe in the case of a flood, don’t turn any faucets on below the flood water. If you think that your well may be contaminated, call your local health department. If you think the water is unsafe for any reason, do not use it. To disinfect contaminated water, boil it in a clean container for at least two minutes.
  • If there is any gas odor, don’t touch any telephones, switches, or electrical fixtures as any spark could ignite the gas. Leave the building immediately, while leaving the doors open for ventilation. Call the local Fire Department and gas company. Do not light a match and do not have any open flames while in or near the house.
  • If a furnace, water heater, washer, and dryer or other appliance gets wet in the flood, have the appliances inspected by a qualified technician before using them. If you turn on wet electrical equipment, not only could it burn out the equipment, but you could sustain a life-threatening shock.
  • Discard any food, personal products, or medicines that came into contact with flood water.

If you happen to have homeowners or renters insurance coverage for sewer backups or flooding, don’t forget to inform your insurance company right away.

For information about cleanup instructions and plumbing repairs, contact a Kansas City plumber from A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc.!

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