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Install a New Water Heater Dip Tube

If your hot shower abruptly became icy cold this morning, then you probably have a defective water heater dip tube. The good news is, a broken dip tube needs only a simple fix.

What is the dip tube? This is a plastic pipe that goes straight down from the cold-water inlet and stops a few inches shy of the bottom of the water tank. This pipe is responsible for dumping the cold water where it can get heated up—at the tank bottom. If a crack develops in the dip tube, however, then the cold water will get released early, cooling the hot water that collects at the top of the tank.

Replacing the Water Heater Dip Tube:

  • Turn off the water heater’s power
  • Shut off the cold-water inlet valve
  • With a wrench, detach the cold-water supply line (found on the top of the water heater)
  • Take out the nipple to access the dip tube (the nipple is a stub of threaded pipe)
  • Take out the dip tube (Put a screwdriver at an angle to pry the dip tube out)
  • Slip your new dip tube through the opening

Then all you need to do is put the nipple and supply line back in place, and switch the water and power back on. Presto! Your hot water should be ready to go.

But what if the problem wasn’t the dip tube, and you still are experiencing problems with your water heater? In that case, an experienced plumbing technician can help you detect where the real trouble lies, and perform fast reliable repairs. We have more than 45 years of industry experience with which to help you.

Call A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc. today to get the speedy, excellent service that you deserve from a Kansas City plumber!

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