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If you fear there is a sewer drain clog, it’s best to investigate this possibility now before matters get worse. When you have a sewer drain clog, that water will be forced out through other parts of your plumbing, so you want to use it only sparingly to test for a clog.

How can you tell whether or not you have a clogged sewer drain? The single biggest sign is a clogged or backed up toilet. You will almost never see a clog in the main sewer line that doesn’t affect the toilets. But if your tub is clogging up, this could also indicate a sewer line stoppage. If any of your fixtures are acting up, a clog in the main sewer line might be blamed for this too.

Try the following and watch for weird responses:

  • Flush: Does water back up into the tub?
  • Run water from the bathroom sink for a minute: does the water in the toilet bubble or change levels?
  • Run the washing machine: does the toilet or shower back up?

These could be the results of blockage forcing water to a lower drain (like the shower), or air pockets sending water to strange places. (Now, in the case of the washing machine, this could still be just a washing machine or tub issue. If your washing machine is freaking out but your toilet is fine, then your washing machine is the problem.)

Finally, you could investigate at a sewer cleanout. Open it up and look for backed up water or waste. If you have water backing up out of the cleanout, or if you see standing water in the cleanout pipe, you definitely have a clogged sewer line.

How can you fix a sewer drain clog?

This is a job that requires a sewer drain snake. If you are a confident do-it-yourselfer, you could rent this equipment to use yourself. Or you can rely on experienced plumbing technicians to deal with the issue. At A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, we charge nothing extra for our emergency services, even on the weekend or in the evening. Our Kansas City plumbers have provided excellent service for more than four decades. Get reliable, fast, and friendly plumbing repairs when you call our office today!

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