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What is Hydro Jetting?

When someone needs to have their main drain, or main sewer line, cleared, their mind can sometimes go straight to hydro jetting, not realizing that hydro jetting is one of several drain cleaning methods that can be used to clear the blockages; and hydro jetting should not always be the first consideration to remove clogs by a drain cleaning and septic service.

Hydro jetting utilizes high pressure water spray within the pipe to effectively remove sludge, grease build-up, and debris in your pipes. These are specialized pieces of drain cleaning equipment that can be large investments for plumbing companies. A-1 has four different sized hydro jetters, capable of cleaning lines 1-1/2” to 36” in diameter, allowing us to serve residential hydro jetting and commercial hydro jetting needs alike. In addition to the different jetting systems, our operators have a variety of hydro-jet nozzles to choose from to remove the buildup and blockages based on the need of your particular line.

How to Know if You Need Hydro Jetting Services

We are asked how do I know if I need a standard drain cleaning or hydro jetting, and it comes down to the level and difficulty of the buildup and blockages in your sewer line. Auguring clogged or slow running drain lines with conventional drain cleaning augering machines, or snakes, may not always resolve difficult blockages. After auguring is found ineffective, that is when our technicians may recommend hydro jetting, so we can completely clean the line out, and just not poke a small hole through a large blockage, only to have to return to perform the same service again and again, without ever actually resolving the underlying problem of the blockage or buildup.

Plumbing services should be able to take care of most clogged drains and common clogs, however when it comes to sewer lines and sewer pipes homeowners may need to work with a plumbing company that has access and experience with these powerful hydro jet machines. The goal of drain cleaning services should not be to just temporarily restore flow, but if possible to completely clear the line of buildup, tree roots, and other blockages that cause backflow and clogging, which causes a host of other plumbing problems. Working with professional quality service providers in Missouri and Kansas provides peace of mind for homeowners and business owners. When you chose A-1 you have professional and experienced plumbers dispatched to your location with the ability to tackle any clogged drain, sewer line or main line, and can get the job done with a traditional snaking or rooter of of the line, or use a high-pressure water jetter to solve your problem. Camera inspection is available and will include a USB flash drive with the video and information we find, including any estimates for sewer line repairs or other options.

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How to Use Hydro Jetting to Prevent Future Problems

If you find yourself in need of repetitive drain cleaning, perhaps a preventative hydro jet maintenance service is for you. This service goes beyond the occasional snaking of a drain, and can keep plumbing problems from plaguing your sewer line with clogs, buildups, and other blockages this drain cleaning service offers. This tailored program can prevent damaging and worrisome drain backups, and keep your plumbing system draining properly.

We run our drain cleaners all over the area, from Grandview to Overland Park, Olathe to Liberty, Lees Summit to North Kansas City and all over the greater Kansas City metro area.

A-1 can establish a maintenance schedule based on your specific needs, and we will schedule and remind you when it’s time for hydro jetting service for your home or business in the Kansas City area.

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