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What is Hydro Jetting?

Auguring clogged or slow running drain lines with conventional drain cleaning machines may not always resolve difficult blockages.  After auguring is found ineffective, our technicians may recommend hydro jetting.  Hydro jetting utilizes high pressure water spray within the pipe to effectively remove sludge, grease build-up, and debris in your pipes.  A-1 has four different sized hydro jetters capable of cleaning lines 1-1/2” to 36” in diameter.  In addition to the different jetting systems, our operators have a variety of hydro-jet nozzles to choose from based on the need of your particular line.

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How to Use Hydro Jetting to Prevent Future Problems

If you find yourself in need of repetitive drain cleaning, perhaps a preventative hydro jet maintenance service is for you.  This tailored program can prevent damaging and worrisome drain backups.  A-1 can establish a maintenance schedule based on your specific needs.  We will schedule and remind you when it’s time for service.

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