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As fall approaches, you’re probably preparing yourself for cooler weather, packing up your summer wardrobe and buying a few more sweaters. When preparing yourself for the cold, don’t forget your plumbing! Forgetting to prepare your home for the fall can cause easily avoidable plumbing problems.

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Fall

  • Keep your pipes warm. Keeping pipes warm can prevent these components of your home from bursting in cold weather. Call a plumber to check that pipes are insulated before it gets too chilly.
  • Fix leaky pipes. The sooner these pipes are fixed, the less likely damage will occur during seasonal changes. Water freezing in the pipes can only cause more problems!
  • Drain your hot water heater. This is a good time to clean and examine your hot water heater. If you live in a place with hard water, sediment could build up in the tank. Examining the tank for rust stains can indicate whether it may be time for a new hot water heater before a more expensive mishap occurs.
  • Disconnect outdoor hoses and faucets. Summertime calls for watering the garden and using sprinklers to keep cool, but come fall, these hoses should be put away. Leftover water in the pipes connecting to the faucet and home can freeze and potentially burst.
  • Examine sump pump. If the pump gets too cold and stops operating, water can leak into the basement and cause flooding. Checking the sump pump is a great way to determine whether it needs cleaning or maintenance.

In the case of fall plumbing issues, A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. has you covered. Our plumbers answer calls 24/7 to address all any of your plumbing needs, so call today!

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