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Preparing for Spring Cleaning: Get Your Plumbing in Line

While winter is a cheerful season full of fun holidays and time with family, it is always exciting to look towards a colorful spring. With the new season approaching quickly, it may be a good idea to start getting your spring cleaning list in line. One of the most important things to check-up on after a cold winter is your plumbing! Making sure all pipes and faucets are in line for the spring season is a must, especially if you want to prevent future plumbing problems.

A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. is here to look out for you by providing helpful tips for your spring cleaning plan. Remember, if you ever run into complex plumbing issues, be sure to give us a call to avoid dealing with a big DIY headache!

Spring Season Plumbing Tips

Though a beautiful and lush season, spring can bring some unique plumbing problems of its own.

Make sure you do the following to stay prepared:

Remove debris from yard drains
Clear out gutters and downspouts to prevent clogging
Check faucets to ensure water flows normally (if not, a frozen pipe may have caused a crack)
Check all appliances to see if any leaks occurred in winter
Adjust the temperature setting on your water heater (keep it under 120°F)
Inspect all exposed pipes for damage from ice or snow
If you have a basement, consider putting in a flood alarm
While these seasonal tips can help you get your home back up to speed after the winter, there are also general tips that you can follow for your plumbing. It is always good to review your water usage and look for ways to cut back, especially before the hot summer season approaches. Maintain your pipes and drains by clearing out clogs from hair, soap, and other debris. You can also flush out drains using some homemade remedies we have mentioned before!

Want our plumbing professionals to take care of your spring cleaning this year? Not a problem! Give us a call at any time to schedule your service.