Pump Tank Services: Removing Water and Waste Material


Septic Tank Service in Kansas City

Most septic systems use gravity to transport wastewater away from your home. However, water and waste material will accumulate, requiring pump tank services to remove them.

How Water and Waste Are Removed

Commercial pumping services generally use pump trucks to remove septage. It’s a professional job since it involves potentially hazardous materials. Rather than bury it in a dump, the company must adhere to federal regulations, from burial in an approved landfill to treatment in a cesspool, to conversion into fertilizer for commercial farms.

Another use for septic waste is to generate electricity. Methane can power fuel cells when broken down. In 2004, fecal matter was used in Seattle, WA, to power about 1,000 homes, according to MSNBC.

The frequency of septic tank pumping depends on tank capacity, daily volume, and presence of solids. At A-1, we recommend that residential septic tanks be pumped every 3-4 years, depending on the size of the tank and amount of residents in the home. Frequent pumping will help prevent backups and maintain the overall health of the tank and lateral system. To drain wastewater, one must understand the drain-waste-vent system, how to empty the tank safely and effectively, and the signs the tank needs to be emptied.

How Do You Know When Your Septic Tank Needs Emptying or Repaired?

The main signs include:

  • Water/refuse overflows onto surfaces surrounding the tank.
  • You have trouble flushing your toilet, or your washing machine becomes sluggish.
  • Strong, foul odors are coming from drains or near the tank.
  • Toilets, bathtubs, and drains are working slower than usual.
  • Sewage is backing up into your basement, sink, or bathtub.

Rather than wait for any unpleasantness, ask your sewer and septic service for a pumping schedule based on your household or business’s needs. If your septic tank needs draining, call on A-1 Sewer & Septic Service in Kansas City at 913-631-5201 for professional plumbing services and to ensure proper waste management at your home or business.


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