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  • A-1 Sewer & Septic logoKitchen and bathroom faucets are generally engineered to last at least a decade depending on the type of faucet installed and how hard the water is.
  • Often, homeowners will change their faucets for aesthetic purposes, for instance, while updating or remodeling. But sometimes a faucet will have enough damage that a replacement is necessary, such as when:
  • The threads on the spout or aerator are corroded or worn out – a condition that can make aerator replacement a difficult task.
  • When the finish has worn off and the handle cracked or discolored.
  • The internal parts have worn to the point where replacing washers, O-rings, clips, or screws, won’t resolve the problem.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

If you are having problems with your kitchen or bathroom faucet, you may not need to replace it; there may be a simple solution. If you are experiencing any of these issues, a good repair job may do the trick:

  • The faucet screeches when you run water
  • You hear a clanking or clicking sound
  • The handle is squeaky
  • The bathroom faucet spits rather than streams
  • The kitchen sink sprayer dribbles instead of sprays
  • You can’t remove the tub spout
  • The constant dripping in your bathroom faucet is keeping you awake
  • The water from your bathtub drains once it’s filled
  • The water coming out of your faucet is way too hot
  • If you are experiencing any of the above issues, there’s a good chance that it’s a simple problem that can be fixed in no time at all.

Whether the culprit is an old rubber washer, a cracked part, a worn faucet stem, a clogged aerator, a dirty diverter, or a water heater thermostat that’s on the wrong setting, we’ll figure it out and get it working as fast as possible so you can go back to your normal routine!

Call 913-631-5201 24/7!

If your faucet just isn’t working right, or if you have an issue that can no longer be ignored, contact A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. to schedule a service appointment with one of our Kansas City plumbers! We offer emergency and same-day service and we answer all of our calls 24/7!

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