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Signs You May Have Leaky Pipes

Has your water bill suddenly spiked with no explanation? Or, do you hear the worrisome sound of water running even after all water fixtures have been shut off? This may be a warning sign that you have a leak in your pipes.

If you suspect a leak, first check that all of the fixtures are turned off and make sure that all of your faucets are closed off tightly. Then, if you have a water heater check to see if the dial is moving. If it is, then you are losing water somewhere in your plumbing system.

Tips for Locating a Leak

  • If you hear running water, follow the sound to its source. You can also purchase a listening device that amplifies the sound.
  • Is there water that is staining the ceiling or dripping down? If so, the leak is likely directly above the stain or drips.
  • Be aware that water can travel along a joist and stain or drip some distance from the source of the leak.
  • If you have water stains on a wall, the stain is probably below the location of the leak, and you will need to remove part of the wall in order to locate it.
  • If there is no sound of running water, and no drip or stain evidence, then the leak can be more difficult to find. In this case, you may have to use a flashlight and check all of the pipes in the crawl space or basement.

If You Have a Major Leak

If you have a major leak, we suggest that you turn off the water immediately, either the shutoff valve for the fixture, or the main shutoff valve. In the case of a major leak, you will probably have to replace the leaky section of the pipe. If you have limited experience working with pipes, you’re better off calling a Kansas City plumber from A-1 Sewer & Septic Service, Inc.

We have the tools and experience necessary to locate the leak, to identify the source of the problem, and get it repaired as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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