Six Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair | A-1 Sewer & Septic
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Garbage disposals make life easier for millions of Americans, providing an easy way to get rid of food waste after meals. Although around 47 percent of us have garbage disposals, most of us never give them much thought until they’re not working.

To avoid having your garbage disposal break down at inopportune times, learn to spot warning signs that your unit is in need of repair or replacement. Here are a few red flags that should alert you to contact a plumbing contractor for maintenance work:

  • Bad odors – If your disposal has a persistent bad odor even after you’ve rinsed it with soapy water and other cleaners, this may be a sign of a failing unit. A plumber can check out the unit, remove any trapped matter, or replace the unit if needed.
  • Lag time – Your garbage disposal should make quick work of any food matter. If your disposal is taking more than a few minutes to break down food, its blades may be dull. In most cases, you won’t have to replace the unit; you’ll just need a plumber to replace the blades or sharpen them.
  • Frequent jamming – If your disposal is jamming even when the amount of food placed in it is small, you’ll need to have your plumber check it out. The problem could be dulled blades, a jam, or insufficient power.
  • Screeching, metal-on-metal noise – If your disposal is making a metal-on-metal noise when you use it, it’s likely that some of its parts are out of alignment or are moving incorrectly. A plumbing repair company can give the device a tune-up and get it back to normal function.
  • Water leaks – If your garbage disposal is leaking water, it can be a sign that seals within the device have broken down or that there’s a crack in the device. A plumber can evaluate the disposal and fix broken seals or replace a cracked device.

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