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Big, mature trees are often welcomed with open arms by homeowners. They provide shade, they improve the aesthetics of a yard, and they make a neighborhood look splendid. Unfortunately, while they beautify our front and back yards, they can also wreak havoc on our indoor plumbing system.

In order for trees to grow, they must have water. So, tree roots naturally seek water and they gravitate towards sewer lines. Roots have never found a plumbing leak they didn’t like!

Whenever a tree root does find a leak, it won’t take long before the roots grow into the pipe, inhibiting the flow of waste.

When tree roots grow into pipes in their continuous search of water, the roots cause broken pipes, blockages, and other plumbing problems for homeowners, especially problems involving sewage.

As you can imagine, a sewage leak is not only messy, it’s unsanitary, and people are not supposed to inhale or come into contact with raw sewage and sewer gasses.

What Are the Warning Signs?

When it comes to draining clogs, it’s a matter of “when” they might happen because they are inevitable. If you only deal with a clog once in a while, there are simple, affordable solutions you can try, such as a plunger or snake.

On the other hand, if your drains are clogging too often, take may be a sign that you have a bigger issue at hand, a tree root issue.

When thirsty tree roots cause damage to sewer lines, they can lead to clogging, overflowing, and slow-flowing drains. Sometimes a toilet can even gurgle and sound like a coffee percolator.

If your drains are clogging frequently and you’re having trouble clearing them, or if they are making gurgling noises, contact A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. so we can inspect your home’s drain and sewer lines.

We can send a camera probe through your drains to see if you have any tree roots that are damaging your pipes. Once we complete our camera inspection, we can explain what needs to be done to get your drains working well again.

If our plumbers locate areas with major tree root damage, it may be necessary to replace those lines.

If your drains have been working great, but you are concerned about future root damage from trees on your property, there are steps that you can take to prevent major sewer repairs, such as regular inspections and drain cleanings.

With a drain cleaning, a cable is threaded through the sewer pipe so it cleans the inner walls of the sewer pipe. As the cable is sent down the pipes, it cuts through any tree roots or clogs that are impeding the flow of wastewater.

To schedule an inspection, contact our Kansas City plumbers!

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