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What Causes Pipes to Burst? 6 Common Causes For Burst Pipes

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The majority of the time, most homeowners are thinking that they don’t have to worry about their pipes bursting. After all, the temperatures are slowly rising by the day and the threat of frozen pipes are the least of our worries.

If you own a home or commercial building, just because the weather is getting warmer, it doesn’t mean you’re “out of the woods” when it comes to the possibility of your pipes bursting. As someone concerned about their home, furnishings and bottom line, you must know that your pipes can still burst, even in the spring or summer months.

What starts as an ominous rumbling sound quickly turns into a nightmare. Next thing you know, a pipe bursts and you’re greeted with the horrifying sight of water everywhere, soaking everything in its path. It could even be gushing from the ceiling onto furniture or even computers below.

6 Causes of Burst Pipes

High Water Pressure

While it might seem obvious, having a build up of extreme water pressure can be your water pipes worst nightmare. Whether it is causing spitting in faucets as some of the pressure gets through, but if it cannot escape the plumbing system, it can cause an issue and the water pipes burst.

Frozen Pipes

One of the most common during cold weather, when frozen water has nowhere to go, that frozen water goes OUT, and those cold temperatures cause one of the worst plumbing issues you can come across when your pipes freeze, and your water pipes burst.


Corrosion can come from many factors, whether the pipe material starts to break down, or there has not been properly maintained, oxidation can cause water leaks, water damage, and lower the lifespan of your piping system, hoses, supply pipes and more by weakening the pipe wall and allow a crack to happen.


If your home’s water pipes experience clogs, and pressure buildup, you can start to see plumbing problems quickly. Whether water supply lines, drain lines, or any part of your plumbing system; clogs and blockages can stop you in your tracks, regardless of the degrees Fahrenheit outside! Tree roots, sewage buildup, or other materials that cause a blockage, regardless of the reason, you may need to call for emergency service if you are absolutely in need of working drains.

Shifting Soil/Structural Damage

When the ground around your home shifts, no matter the reason, it can cause any connection, cold water or hot water supply lines or drain lines, the external pressure from a foundation that is shifting can do damage to your system.


Similar to corrosion, most, if not all pipes, have a set lifespan, and eventually will need to be replaced.

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