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What to Do if You Have a Water Leak

As a homeowner, a water leak can wreak havoc on your home and it can lead to costly water damage; a plumbing leak can turn into your worst nightmare in the blink of an eye. From leaky faucets left running, plumbing problems with the connection from your appliances to your plumbing system to small leaks from corrosion on a water line or a water main that burst; no matter the type of leak when you have uncontrolled leaking water so much can go wrong. 

Left unchecked, a water leak can:

  • Damage flooring
  • Destroy furnishings
  • Damage ceilings and walls
  • Cause hazardous mold
  • Require mold remediation
  • Destroy cabinets

Whether you have a small, barely noticeable leak, such as a dripping sound behind a wall,  or you have a very obvious leak, such as a burst pipe, it’s important to STOP the leak as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, water leaks are common household events, and they can occur for a variety of reasons during the day or night. For example, a water leak can be caused by an overflowing sink, a leaking dishwashing machine or washer, a water heater with water leaks, or a burst pipe. 

A couple of signs you have a water leak are having low water pressure when nothing else is running or taxing your plumbing system and the other is a high water bill without high water usage; where did all of those gallons of water go to? Water use should be in line with the water bill and water meter, and when those are out of sync you may have a water pipe issue somewhere in your home plumbing system. 
The source of the leak may not be obvious but discoloration or wet spots in the drywall, ceiling, or puddles on the floor can be a sign and give you a little direction on the source of the leak. Having a mildewy or musty smell is mother nature’s leak detection for our nose, however, we also offer systems for leak detection that can provide you a notification on your phone if there is even the smallest of small leaks. This leads to fast leak repair and minimizes water damage, preventing high water bills and ultimately helps you save money!

How to Minimize Water Damage if You Find a Water Leak:

Once you discover a water leak, you want to respond correctly in order to minimize damage and save yourself time and money. If you ever do encounter a water leak, here are the steps that you can take to minimize the damage and cut your losses:

  • The first order of business is to shut off the water supply to the leaking appliance. If shutting off the water source is not possible, then you want to shut off the main water supply to your home. If you’re not sure where the shut-off valves are located on your property, now is the time to find out where they are.
  • Use towels and/or mops to soak up as much water as you can and to prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Move all of the wet belongings to a dry area, and dry them off by hand.
  • If you have furniture that has gotten wet, put blocks underneath to raise the furniture above the wet floor.
  • If the water has risen to the point where your electrical outlets have gotten wet, shut off the electricity at the fuse/breaker box and contact an experienced electrician.
  • If it’s not necessary to contact an electrician, start drying out the area by turning on fans and using a dehumidifier to dry out the wet areas.
  • If you have water leaking from the ceiling, put buckets under the leaks.
  • If you observe signs of “bowing” with the ceiling, be careful because the ceiling could collapse.
  • Contact a plumber right away. At A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc.; we offer emergency services.

Found a Leak? Call a Professional Plumber Like A-1 Sewer & Septic

If you have a water leak or a plumbing emergency, contact us to schedule a service call with one of our Kansas City plumbers. No plumbing job is too big or too small for us! We offer plumbing services for the greater Kansas City metro area and offer a variety of plumbing services – we also have our plumbing and drain cleaning pricing on our website for you to view.

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