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What Could Be Causing Kitchen Flooding?

Do you have an issue where water is flooding under your kitchen sink, even if you haven’t used the dishwasher or faucet in several hours? Does this mean you need to replace the faucet?

Before you run out to the nearest home center to buy a new faucet, we recommend having an experienced plumber take a closer look in case it’s not the faucet.

When you’re noticing mysterious flooding, it would be wise to have a professional inspect your sink in person before “guessing” what the problem could be – that’s because it may or may not be the faucet.

It Could Be a Leaky Faucet

The source of the leak could be coming from the kitchen faucet or from one of the supply lines that go to the faucet. If the culprit is the faucet, the leak is probably one of the following: 1) a crack that’s located in the housing, or 2) a faulty seal inside the faucet.

If water is appearing when you do not use the dishwasher or the sink, or if water is coming up around your kitchen faucet, this would be further indication that the problem is connected to the faucet.

You see, when you have cracked faucet housing, the faucet can leak even when the faucet is shut off and not in use. In this case, the water can drip behind the faucet and down, under the sink.

It can be another faulty issue related to the faucet. For example, the leak could be caused by a bad connection underneath the base of the faucet, or it could be a faulty mechanism inside the handle. If it’s originating from the base of the faucet, the O-rings and connections may be worn out and in need of replacement.

If the problem has to do with the O-rings and connections, which can cause water to trickle down the supply line, which would end up getting everything wet underneath the kitchen sink. If this happens to you, you want to mop up the water immediately, dry everything off and promptly place a bucket under the leak to prevent further damage.

Can the source of the leak be something else?

While a faucet leak is likely, that’s not definite. You could have another problem entirely, for example, the source of the leak could be coming from broken water or drain lines in the slab. We would have to come out and take a look at the leak to determine the exact cause.

Do you have a mysterious leak that’s causing water to collect underneath your kitchen sink? If so, contact A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. to schedule a service call with one of our Kansas City plumbers!