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Think you have a bad water heater? Common signs of trouble include discolored water, leaking water, or little or no hot water. There may be odors, too, but noise is often an issue if you have a bad hot water heater in Kansas City.

Excessive noise, according to, can mean:

  • Corrosive minerals have built up inside the tank or heating elements.
  • Dissolved minerals have recrystallized on interior surfaces.
  • There is a leak somewhere in the appliance.
  • Metal parts are expanding and contracting significantly.

When to Seek Water Heater Repair in Kansas City

Audible signs it’s time for a fix include:

Popping: Mineral deposits in an electric water heater release steam when heated. Even if you have an in-line water filter, minerals can slowly accumulate. Persistent popping noises should be addressed with maintenance.

Banging: Sediment can literally explode inside the tank. Professional repairs may be needed, as chunks of material may be too big to fit through the heater’s drain valve.

Gurgling: This can also mean particles from hard water are circulating and building up. You may need a professional to remove the scale or replace the unit.

Boiling: A boiling sound can mean the tank is overheating. This increases the pressure to a dangerous level, so emergency service is a must.

water heater

Noise can indicate improper temperature settings, a faulty temperature-pressure relief valve, or that hot water pipes need to be insulated. It can also mean Kansas City water heater installation to replace your old unit is the best answer. Never put off service. Call A-1 Sewer & Septic Service for emergency or same-day service at 913-631-5201.

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