Bathroom Plumbers


Bathroom Plumbers

Pump Tank Services: Removing Water and Waste Material

Septic Tank Service in Kansas City Most septic systems use gravity to transport wastewater away from your home. However, water and waste material will accumulate, requiring pump tank services to remove them. How Water and Waste Are Removed Commercial pumping services generally use pump trucks to remove septage. It’s a professional job since it involves potentially hazardous materials. Rather than bury it in a dump, the company must adhere to federal regulations, from burial in an approved landfill to treatment in a cesspool, to conversion into fertilizer for commercial farms. Another use for septic waste is to generate electricity. Methane can power fuel cells when broken down. In 2004, fecal matter was used in Seattle, WA, to power about 1,000 homes, according to MSNBC. The frequency of septic tank pumping depends on tank capacity, daily volume, and presence of solids. At A-1, we recommend that residential septic tanks be pumped

Tips On How to Keep Drains Clean in Your Home

A clogged drain can damage your plumbing, cause burst pipes, lead to significant water damage throughout the home, and require attention from a professional plumber. Some homeowners use various DIY methods to keep from getting clogged drains in their kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks, such as hot water from the faucet, baking soda, boiling water & dish soap, a cup of vinegar, table salt, bleach or other chemical drain cleaners. When it comes to staying clog-free and preventing plumbing problems with sink drains and your home’s plumbing system, regular maintenance can be vital to preventing a drain clog, slow drains, or septic system issues. Commons Problems from Not Cleaning Your Drains What issues can surface if you do not regularly clean your drains? Here are some examples of the common problems that arise if you neglect to clean your drains: Bad Odors: Does your sink drain smell like rotten eggshells?

Popular Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Bathroom plumbing is used often. It requires maintenance, but it also gives you clues when repairs are needed. Low water pressure, knocking sounds when the water is running, slow drainage, continuous dripping, or discolored water are just a few signs you need repairs. The most common types, which require a plumber in Kansas City, are: Toilet Repair Depending on the type and configuration, toilets can have any number of problems. Flush valves may have a tapered rubber float ball or flapper ball to control water flow. Damage to these will prevent the tank from filling, so replacement is necessary. The same is true with broken chains. Loose flush handles, running noises, a clogged toilet not fixed by a plunger, and water pooling at the base are signs you need bathroom plumbers to make repairs. Pipe Relining First, the pipe is inspected using a camera. The pipe is then flushed with

The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining

There are few things Kansas City homeowners dread hearing from their plumbing contractor more than that their sewer pipes need replacement in order to use the sewer system. Replacing your main sewer line is an expensive and time-consuming process with downtime, torn up driveways and yards, and more possible issues. If not addressed, you risk letting leaks and holes in the pipes grow as tree roots grow and bust through (also referred to as root intrusion), corrosion and blockages in the old pipe. There are other options, however, for homeowners who have broken pipes, damaged pipes underground, and simply replacing entire runs of drain pipe – without having to excavate and dig up the pipe system to run a new cast iron main sewer line. These repair methods all generally fall under the category name of trenchless, or trenchless pipe lining/trenchless sewer repair. What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining? The trenchless

Plumbing Information to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Every great endeavor must start with a great plan – and that includes home improvement projects, especially a bathroom remodel. Before you start tearing into the drywall, plumbing lines and tearing out the tub, you need to decide what sort of finished design you want with your new bathroom remodel so that it can be done right. From new shower heads, bathroom sinks and faucets, to new countertops or how the drain pipes will need to be run will need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important aspects of a new bathroom makeover is the new plumbing. Key questions to ask include: Where does the existing plumbing run? Do pipes run under the floor or inside the walls? Knowing where the water and drain lines run will help you avoid accidentally breaking them when you start tearing out existing fixtures during your bathroom remodel. Do you want

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