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Sometimes a leaky pipe can be a quick fix that doesn’t call for a professional a plumber. Other times, a leak can mean something serious. If you notice that your water bill is higher than usual or you hear running water even when all faucets are off, it might indicate that you have a water leak. Before contacting a plumber, there are some steps you can follow to see whether or not this leak can be fixed on your own. A-1 Sewer and Septic are here to walk you through these steps to ensure that you save money and prevent costly damage in the future. Locating Your Leaky Pipe Locate the leak by following the sound of running water and checking to see if there are water stains on ceilings, floors, or walls. Depending on where a stain is found, you may need to examine different places. Ceiling stains indicate

Some Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Treating Damage, Fixing Pipes, and Cleaning Faucet Aerators If you want to conduct maintenance on your plumbing, or if you are experiencing leaks and don’t know where to start, here are several things you can try to protect your home from water damage. Before proceeding with a couple of repairs…. General Tips to Get Started Here are some vital tips on how to handle water damage: See a sinking ceiling? Cut the room’s power off at the main breaker panel before you go in to investigate. Securing water or gas supply lines? Place a hold-back wrench on valves while you do so, to prevent the joints from weakening. Leaving wet supplies out to dry? Don’t put any objects that have been ravaged by water outside. Exposure to the sun could crack or distort these items. Instead, leave them in a dry, airy spot inside. Water stains on the ceiling? You

Plumbing Terms to Know: Piping 101

Don’t know a Schedule 40 PVC pipe from a Schedule 80 PVC pipe? Or maybe you need to brush up on the different uses for flexible copper pipes as opposed to rigid copper piping. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are researching for a home improvement or expansion project, or you need to conduct repairs for drain lines or other broken pipes, here is a glossary of some various types of piping has a handy guide. Copper Pipe: Used for water supply systems, this is more durable than plastic piping, and it even fights corrosion. Copper pipes are either flexible or rigid. Flexible Copper Pipes: are generally used for appliances such as dishwashers, feeding water through a more supple form of copper. As it is pliable, it can get warped. To fix this, you have to cut out the twisted portion and put in a new piece

Plumbing Inspection Tips for Prospective Homebuyers & Tenants

Are you planning to move to a new place? Before you make that huge purchase or sign off on that lease, you need to know what to watch out for when it comes to the plumbing. Otherwise, you could be met with a nasty surprise not that far down the road. Did you know that in the first year of getting a new home, almost half of all homebuyers have to call in a plumber? Avoid getting a plumbing disaster as a housewarming gift. Here are some things you can inspect for as you look through a place you hope to call your own. When you are inspecting the bathroom: Look for water damage on the floor that’s around the toilet. This could mean black or white stains or crinkled, peeling laminate that has resulted from a leak. Step back and forth on either side of the toilet: if the

Sump Pump Maintenance

Your sump pump needs to be in good working order at a moment’s notice, even after months of lying in disuse. So to make sure that your sump pump is ready for heavy storms, a burst pipe, or any cause of sudden flooding in your basement, you’ll need to perform maintenance on this important appliance at least every 3 to 4 months. This includes: Cleaning the screen for the pump inlet Ensuring the power cord is connected and in good condition Checking that the pump will turn on when you pour enough water in the sump to lift the float; you may need to adjust the float Those are pretty basic steps that can go a long way toward ensuring you’re ready for emergencies. But on top of this, there are more time-consuming steps that you should probably take once every year on top of the above checklist: Look at

Preventing Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, the expanding water is enough to crack pipes of any type. The pipes that are the most vulnerable are those located out of doors, such as lines for water sprinklers and swimming pools, and pipes placed in areas with poor insulation, such as the attic or garage. While this plumbing disaster is serious, the good news is that you can prevent it. When you know that temperatures are about to drop, or a winter storm is rolling in, here are a few steps that you can take to protect your plumbing. Any outdoor hoses should be removed and put away; leaving them out can easily expose the connected pipes to freezing temperatures. You should also turn off the water supply for these outdoor faucets. This shut-off valve should be inside, around the same spot as the outdoor faucet (or hose bib). Shutting off the valve should protect

Tips for an Emergency Burst Pipe Repair

There are some plumbing pieces and tools available from most hardware stores that Kansas City homeowners should consider always having on hand, as the cost is not high but when a plumbing emergency happens you’ll be glad you have them. Tools and items such as a pipe cutter, PVC, new section of pipe, screwdriver, solder, and other basic plumbing repair tools and materials. This is definitely true when it comes to being prepared for a burst pipe. If you are ready for such an emergency, this could prevent thousands of dollars of repairs and water damage from occurring.  Now sometimes, duct tape is all it takes to save the day with some water leaks or provide a temporary fix. If you see a pinhole leak in a section of pipe, you can try wrapping the tape around the leaking pipe, depending on the water pressure. Oftentimes, this is all the

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