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Burst Pipes

Plumbing Terms to Know: Piping Terms

Don’t know a Schedule 40 PVC pipe from a Schedule 80 PVC pipe? Or maybe you need to brush up on the different uses for flexible copper pipes as opposed to rigid copper piping. If wall thickness, inside diameter and outside diameter and the plethora of abbreviations used in the

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Sump Pump Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Homeowners who want to keep their crawlspace or basement dry, or prevent a flooded basement or crawlspace, know their sump pump needs to be in good working order at a moment’s notice, even after months of lying in disuse.  There are many reasons for a homeowner to have a sump

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Tips for an Emergency Burst Pipe Repair

There are some plumbing pieces and tools available from most hardware stores that Kansas City homeowners should consider always having on hand, as the cost is not high but when a plumbing emergency happens you’ll be glad you have them. Tools and items such as a pipe cutter, PVC, new

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